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Bears den - Shelly, ND
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16 2nd st

Shelly, ND 56581/MN

Nude Club
Couch Dances
8-15 Female Dancers
Full Bar
Drinks: $5.25 &up
Min Age 21
No Dress Code
No Features
Everyone Welcome

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Total Audio Comments (543)


3 PM - 1AM
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Strip Club News
02/18/2014 - Strip club dancers going to court over pay issues
Dancers at an Atlanta strip club claim they have been underpaid and in some cases worked without pay in violation of federal labor law, according to a lawsuit filed this week. Plaintiffs Brittany Thompson, Jennifer Hight, Katherine Bellows and ...
02/17/2014 - Kirsten Dunst tries to have a quiet drink at a New Orleans strip club
It seemed like a good idea at the time. On Saturday night in New Orleans, actress Kirsten Dunst decided to go out for a quiet drink with friends... at strip club Rick's Salon. As Kirsten politely sips a drink with her shoulders hunched, loud h...
02/16/2014 - Which country pays strip clubs to hire young workers
The British government has been offering financial incentives to strip clubs and other adult entertainment venues that hire teenage workers. Under the umbrella of a wider scheme to boost employment, the Department for Work and Pensions gives $3...
02/15/2014 - Controversial McKeesport strip club delays opening
A new gentlemen's club did not open as originally scheduled on Friday night in McKeesport. We're waiting until next week, an unidentified man said when answering a cellphone number listed on the Saints & Sinners Gentlemen's Club Facebook page...
02/12/2014 - One killed in shooting at Strip Club
One person was killed early Wednesday morning in a shooting at a Newport News strip club, police said. Officers responded at about 1:45 a.m. to a shooting at Majik City Gentlemen's Club located at 5825 Jefferson Ave., near Briarfield Road, acco...
02/12/2014 - Strip club to open in McKeesport amid controversy
Despite opposition from city officials, a gentlemen's club is set to open on Friday in McKeesport's Walnut Street business district. Print and radio advertisements are promoting a Valentine's Day grand opening for the Saints and Sinners Gentlemen...
02/05/2014 - Proposed strip club prompts review of city code, attracts job seekers
Olympia still awaits a business application from the citys first strip club, which attracted nearly 160 job applicants last week. Desire Video at 3200 Pacific Ave. is slated to open as a strip club this month. An ad was placed on Craigslist la...
02/03/2014 - Three people shot outside a Miami strip club
Three people were hospitalized after an overnight shooting outside a Miami lounge. Witnesses said around 1:45 a.m. two groups of people started arguing outside the Take One Cocktail Lounge strip club at NE 3rd Avenue and 79th Street. When a sec...
01/30/2014 - Strip club on target to open soon
Olympias first strip club is expected to open in less than 15 days, the owner said Wednesday, and he expects 80 people, including exotic dancers, to apply for jobs at the business Thursday and Friday. The new strip club also is the current hom...
01/29/2014 - New strip club owner, same liquor license
The X-Pose Gentlemens Club opened earlier this month near the Raleigh and Vista Hills community in unincorporated Washington County. The club, under new ownership, was granted a liquor license two years ago. There was no public notice at the t...
01/28/2014 - Miami Beach strip joint Club Madonna negotiates deal with city to reopen
Club Madonna, the Miami Beach strip joint where police say a 13-year-old danced for money, has been allowed to reopen after a two-week shutdown. On Monday evening, the venue and the city were able to agree on a series of conditions such as hi...
01/28/2014 - Three charged, 3 critical in brawl outside South Hackensack strip club
Three men have been charged in connection with an overnight brawl that critically injured three people this morning outside a South Hackensack strip club. Five ambulances were called to the Twins Plus Lounge for the victims, four of whom were t...
01/24/2014 - Justin Bieber's unauthorized police escort to strip club has left three cops suspended from work
Looks like Justin Bieber's bad luck is rubbing off on others! We told you all about the unauthorized police escort he had in Florida before his pricey night out at a strip club. And while we also told you the matter was under investigation, well, ...
01/23/2014 - Another metro Atlanta strip club sued for dancer wages
The list of metro Atlanta strip clubs being sued by dancers claiming they were denied fair wages continues to grow. Last week, a lawsuit was filed in federal court against Club Wax and owner Thomas Waters. The plaintiff, Santana Hayes, said th...
01/23/2014 - The city's tallest strip club pole - covered in erotic dancers
Just in time for the Super Bowl, New York City will finally be able to answer that age-old question: Just how many strippers can you fit on a 25-foot pole? The answer: at least three. Promising never-before-seen heights of eroticism, the new...
01/22/2014 - Justin Bieber blows wads of cash at Miami strip club
If you havent had your dosage of shocking Justin Bieber news for the day, here you go: The New York Daily News reports that the alleged egg thrower/graffiti artist/wild child literally threw wads of cash away Monday night. After visiting Mansi...
01/22/2014 - Three wounded in shooting outside Palm Springs strip club; one may be paralyzed
PALM SPRINGS Three men were wounded during a shooting early Saturday near a strip club on Military Trail, Palm Springs police said. The three men, along with a fourth man who was not injured, had spent the night at Flashdance, just south of P...
01/21/2014 - Woman arrested for prostitution at Philadelphia strip club
Philadelphia police arrested a woman at a strip club on prostitution charges. Abby Durnil, 33, was arrested at the Gold Club at 58 West Girard Avenue on Thursday. The City Wide Vice Enforcement Unit said the investigators first went there on...
01/21/2014 - Dancers sue NE Atlanta strip club alleging labor violations " kick backs "
Another Atlanta strip club is under legal fire from dancers claiming they were denied a minimum wage and overtime pay in violation of federal laws. Tattletale Lounge and its owners were sued Monday in federal court by three exotic dancers who a...
01/20/2014 - Florida man arrested for calling 911 after his cat was denied entry into strip club
Some people just really love their cats. On Tuesday, Everett Lages took his cat love to a new level when he brought his cat to Emerald City strip club in Murdock, FL. Lages was arrested for repeatedly calling 911 after the owner prohibited him fro...
01/20/2014 - Police raid SW Houston strip club
Houston police descended on a southwest Houston strip club early Monday morning, but what they were after remains a mystery. Just before 2:30 a.m., officers arrived at V Live gentleman's club on Richmond Avenue near Jeanetta. The owner of th...
01/17/2014 - NJ Strip club shooting suspect caught in Fla
NEWARK, N.J. -- The man wanted for allegedly killing three people inside a northern New Jersey strip club on Christmas morning has been captured at his mother's home in Florida, authorities said Sunday. Nineteen-year-old Anthony Fields, of Newa...
01/17/2014 - Club Madonna fights shutdown after police said teen girl danced nude
Club Madonna has gone to federal court to seek an injunction against Miami Beach for shutting it down. City Manager Jimmy Morales pulled the club's business permits Friday after police said a 13-year old danced at the fully nude strip club at 1...
01/16/2014 - How a 13- year old became a dancer at a strip club in Miami
It was early Thursday evening, and the dancers had begun to trickle in to the Art Deco theater in the heart of South Beach, a place with a neon-lit facade and a mixed-gender clientele, from local businessmen and high-rollers to tourists, celebriti...
01/16/2014 - Newark man arrested for triple murder in strip club on Christmas
Anthony Fields was charged with three counts of murder and two counts of aggravated assault after police captured him at his mothers house in Orlando, Fla., Sunday. Police arrested the man wanted for killing three people in a northern New Jers...
11/14/2013 - Charges Against Valley Brook Strip Club Dismissed
VALLEY BROOK, Oklahoma - A bust at a strip club in Valley Brook put more than a dozen dancers behind bars. Seventeen people were charged with engaging in lewd acts and other crimes last year. Now those charges have been dismissed. "It just seemed...
07/24/2013 - Scores Atlantic City, the $25 Million Atlantic City Strip Club
Casino pastimes like gambling, smoking and boozing seem to go hand-in-hand with sex, and yet there has never been a gentlemans club, strip club, nudie joint or whatever else you want to call them inside a United States casino. But thats all ...
07/24/2013 - Judge Orders $1 Million Returned to Exotic Dancer
A federal judge has ruled that Nebraska cops must return over $1 million confiscated at a traffic stop from a woman who saved the money $1 at a time during her 15 year career as an exotic dancer. The money belongs to Tara Mishra, 33, of Rancho ...
06/13/2013 - U.S. military officers shot outside Venezuela strip club
CBS News) In Venezuela, two American officials from the United States Embassy in Caracas are recovering after they were shot and wounded Tuesday outside a strip club. The two men are enlisted military officers who work at the U.S. Embassy and...
06/13/2013 - St. Helena approves new laws for strip clubs
GREENSBURG The St. Helena Police Jury has voted to change its code of ordinances to control and regulate sexually oriented businesses and nightclubs in the parish. The changes come after residents have complained about two clubs the Oak Rid...
06/13/2013 - Military barracks or strip club? Sexy video surfaces of female Israeli fighters
Its the latest stunt uploaded online purportedly featuring recruits with the Israel Defense Forces. Last week, female soldiers were disciplined after uploading racy pics of themselves in their underwear. A video purportedly of female Israeli sol...
06/06/2013 - Two Florida cops sacked for spending hours at strip club while on duty
Two undercover Tampa policemen hung out at a strip club while on the clock in November. TAMPA, Fla. Two undercover Tampa police officers have been fired after an investigation determined they spent several hours drinking at a strip club while...
06/06/2013 - Despite just kidding, man arrested for allegedly threatening bartender
SEATTLE -- A self-described Colombian gangster learned the "just kidding" defense doesn't fly with police when he allegedly threatened to kill a Belltown bartender and bouncer last Thursday. According to the Seattle Police Department's report ...
06/05/2013 - Jennifer Aniston is a stripper in new movie role, who is your favorite good girl gone bad?
Jennifer Aniston is widely considered Americas Sweetheart, but now she steps outside her wholesome shell to play a stripper in her upcoming film Were The Millers. Although the 44-year-old actress does not get naked in the film, she comes...
06/05/2013 - Strip Club To Come To Atlantic City Casino Trump Taj Mahal To Unveil Unique Attraction
Scores Atlantic City will have a July 2013 grand opening inside Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel. According to a press release, its the first entertainment complex of its kind to open in a U.S. casino hotel. Scores Atlantic City took two years ...
06/05/2013 - Man gunned down outside southwest Ill. strip club
BROOKLYN, Ill. (AP) Investigators say they've identified the man gunned down outside a southwestern Illinois strip club as a 27-year-old St. Louis resident. Illinois State Police tell the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Michael Brooks was shot s...
06/04/2013 - Senators respond to KCRA 3 investigation on strip clubs
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) A KCRA 3 investigation has caught the attention of two California state senators who joined forces Monday to blast thousands of dollars in tax breaks received by strip clubs. Read more:
06/04/2013 - An Enterprise Zone Tax Debate
Two strip clubs are taking center stage in a tax-policy debate. At issue are enterprise zones. Theyre part of a program from the 1980s to spur economic development in troubled areas. A state senator pushing for reform says Deja Vu Showgirls...
05/16/2013 - Rihanna spends $8,000 at strip club in Miami: report
AUSTIN (AUSTIN) - A man who visited an Austin strip club and left with two women and a man told police that he was robbed at gunpoint of his wallet and cell phone and that his car was later torched after the attackers turned him loose. Accordin...
05/16/2013 - Man robbed, car torched after strip club visit
AUSTIN (AUSTIN) - A man who visited an Austin strip club and left with two women and a man told police that he was robbed at gunpoint of his wallet and cell phone and that his car was later torched after the attackers turned him loose. Accordin...
05/16/2013 - Tampa strip club king Joe Redner considers running for political office again
Good news on the local election front (unless you happen to be a candidate): Joe Redner is seriously considering another run for office. Tampa's strip club king — and recent haunter of Congress with his beer-brewing rock star of a son Joey on...
05/16/2013 - Eight arrested following raid at strip club in north Houston
Seven women and one man were taken into custody at the XTC Erotica Cabaret along the North Freeway and Fallbrook. Police say undercover officers were conducting a standard check for illegal activities when they noticed several permit violation...
03/06/2012 - Vince Neil to open strip club Vince Neils Girls, Girls, Girls in Las Vegas
Rocker Vince Neil is delving into the topless nightclub business. Vegas DeLuxe has learned exclusively that hell open his Vince Neils Girls, Girls, Girls in his Las Vegas hometown in about two weeks. Its something I always wanted to do, th...
03/06/2012 - Controversy on Strip Clubs in Oslo
According to VG- based on a new and controversial documentary, alcohol abuse, and prostitution are common in Oslo strip clubs. The documentary "Insider," which is broadcated on the TV channel Max on Tuesday evenings, put the strip industry in Norw...
03/06/2012 - Strip club owner charged after police raid
Organizers of a series of stripper shows in Thorold South over the weekend are reportedly filing a complaint against Niagara Regional Police. They say cops were heavy-handed in a check of dancers' licenses Friday night at the Penthouse Club on ...
03/06/2012 - Man shot outside Salt Lake City strip club
SALT LAKE CITY A man was shot outside a Salt Lake City strip club early Monday. Two men got into an argument inside The Trails Gentleman's Club, 921 S. 300 West, about 1:30 a.m. and were kicked out of the club by security, according to Salt L...
03/06/2012 - Spearmint Rhino strip club in Sheffield to remain open
Sheffield strip club Spearmint Rhino is to stay open - despite objections from local businesses. New licensing rules meant the venue on Brown Street had to apply for a sexual entertainment venue licence. Steve Lonnia, from Sheffield City Cou...
03/01/2012 - 3 arrested in overnight Shark Lounge strip club raid
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Three people were arrested after Daytona Beach police wrapped up a 16-month investigation into prostitution and drugs sales at a strip club. Officer raided The Shark Lounge in what they called "Operation Chum Bucket" early...
03/01/2012 - Man charged in fatal strip club shootings gets almost 20 years in drug case
A Manor man facing a capital murder charge in the shooting deaths of two stepbrothers outside a Travis County strip club in 2010 has been sentenced to almost 20 years in federal prison in a separate drug case. Jorge-Gutierrez-MUG_468001k.jpg J...
03/01/2012 - Strip club owners bail decided on Friday
Judgement on the bail application of a Russian strip club owner accused of extortion, intimidation and theft will be handed down in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Friday. Igor Russol, 40, who claims to own Cape Town club Bedazzled, launche...
03/01/2012 - Kardashian enjoys strip clubs with Odom
While on Conan OfBrienfs show Wednesday night, Khloe Kardashian-Odom shared a look into her marriage with the Dallas Mavericksf Lamar Odom. gI enjoy going to strip clubs,h Kardashian-Odom said. gLamar and I will go together c itfs fun....
03/01/2012 - Congress closes strip club loophole for welfare recipients
WASHINGTON States are now required to prevent welfare recipients from using ATM machines in casinos, liquor stores and strip clubs to spend or access their benefits. The new policy was tucked in the payroll tax cut bill that Congress passed earl...
02/27/2012 - 1 shot outside Southside strip club
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office investigated a shooting Sunday night at a strip club on the city's Southside. A security guard for Passions Showbar on Beach Boulevard said a group of four men were arguing inside the club ...
02/27/2012 - Strip club owners lose court battle against Warren
Warren city officials in 2010 did not illegally halt the expansion of a topless lounge that had been in business for decades, a judge has ruled. In an opinion issued late last week, Macomb County Circuit Judge Peter Maceroni upheld the unanimou...
02/27/2012 - Miami Gardens strip club spammed us with texts, lawsuit alleges
Love them or hate them, strip joints have a timeless allure but that didnt stop one club from adopting a new strategy to lure men inside. It was harassment, it was constantly, every single day for awhile, sometimes more than once a day, Br...
02/27/2012 - Soon, a strip club in space
Washington: The popular adult-magazine company, Playboy, has teamed up with the space tourism company Virgin Galactic in fantasizing a Playboy Club in space a sprawling sci-fi inspired depiction of fun and games on a huge private space station. ...
02/27/2012 - Robert Pattinson to Visit Stripclub With His Dad
ROBERT Pattinsons dad wants to go to a sex club with him. The Bel Ami actor recently visited Berlin, Germany, and was taken with the citys notorious sex joint, the KitKatClub, and when he told his father about it, he suggested they visited it...
02/23/2012 - KY Strip Club Sues After Competitor Calls Dancers Ugly
(Louisville, KY) - Two Kentucky strip clubs are headed to court after one club allegedly ran advertising claiming the girls working at the other club are ugly. The Louisville "Courier Journal" reports The Godfather strip club is suing competi...
02/23/2012 - Strip club wants not one, but four zoning permits
The Shade-based company that has been trying to open an adult-entertainment club featuring nude dancers at a site on Stimson Avenue has now asked a judge to order the Athens Board of Zoning Appeals to issue the company multiple zoning permits for ...
02/23/2012 - Man facing 5 assault charges for strip club shooting incident
A 47-year-old man accused of pulling a pistol in a Lockwood strip club and then shooting a rifle toward sheriffs deputies and others in the parking lot was charged Wednesday in Justice Court. Douglas Gene McKinnon appeared by video from the co...
02/23/2012 - 3 to plead guilty in Rhode Island extortion cases
PROVIDENCE, R.I. Three Rhode Island men are set to admit to their roles in an extortion case involving Providence-area strip clubs and a used car salesman. He also acknowledged being in the New England mafia. Change-of-plea hearings have b...
02/23/2012 - 2 bar shootings overnight
Police say a man was critically injured during a shooting at the Club Onyx "urban adult strip club" in South Philadelphia in the early morning hours. And a second shooting took place inside the El Patio bar in Kensington, with that victim also ...
02/16/2012 - Strip Club Tax? Illinois Considers Adding Per-Customer Fine To Fund Women's Crisis Centers
Walking through the door of a strip club in Illinois is about to get a little more expensive if state Sen. Toi Hutchinson gets her way. The Olympia Fields, Ill. Democrat filed a motion in Springfield earlier this month that would add an extra $...
02/16/2012 - New-style burlesque-style strip club coming to Revel casino
ATLANTIC CITY - Revel's owners have been teasing everyone with hints of entertainment like no other casino in town. Now they have a burlesque-style nightclub to prove it. Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub will open in the new Revel ca...
02/16/2012 - Strip club owner hunts for cash
A bail application on Wednesday by Russian strip club owner Igor Russol was delayed as he struggled to raise funds for his legal costs. Defence attorney Juan Smuts told the Cape Town District Court that Russol, who is charged with extortion, ha...
02/15/2012 - Strip club owner is cash-strapped
A bail application on Wednesday, February 15, 2012, by Russian strip club owner Igor Russol was delayed as he struggled to raise funds for his legal costs. Defence attorney Juan Smuts told the Cape Town District Court that Russol, who is charge...
02/15/2012 - Strip Club Worker Robbed, Tied Up
A Tolland strip club employee was robbed and tied up at knifepoint Saturday. The victim had just opened the Electric Blue Cafe at 62 Merrow Road just before noon Saturday when a man walked in wearing a mask, showed a knife and demanded money, a...
02/15/2012 - A Tolland strip club employee was robbed and tied up at knifepoint Saturday.
SPRINGFIELD - Illinois lawmakers could vote this spring to impose a "pole tax" -- a tax on stripper poles, that is. Under legislation pending in the Illinois Senate, operators of adult entertainment facilities would pay a $5 fee to the state fo...

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